Must Be Miracles is a Belgo-Russian electro-pop duo based in London.

They songwrite, sing and produce together, creating their unique sound with dreamy synths, deep bass and electronic drums.

The duo met in late 2016. As their relationship grew stronger, they realised they followed the same musical objective: creating a fascinating electronic sound that would represent their passion for dreams and mystery. With the influences of artists like Oscar And The Wolf, The XX, James Blake, Yuko and Onuka, Must Be Miracles was born in 2018, with their first representation in 2019.


Their first concept EP, Blue Nights, released at the end of 2019, explores four different stages of grief: sadness, isolation, guilt, and acceptance. Blue Nights is accompanied by four music videos, linking a universal mystic story of grief, experienced by the singer herself.


Stan grew up learning about music, enrolling in an academy when she was only 3 years old. At 5, she started solfege. At 7, she began taking classes of piano and clarinet. Around 14, she slowly grew interest towards making a career out of music, and started writing songs and playing for her family and friends.


Denis was always surrounded by music, as his mother graduated from studying the piano at a conservatoire, and toured all around Europe while playing in an orchestra. While living in Italy, Denis got involved with music at 14 when he started to study guitar in a music school. There he formed a cover band, “Hormonal Storms”, a year later. 

Coming from two very different places (Stan from Belgium and Denis from Russia), they both have a passion for travelling and decided to settle in London to pursue a career in music. Even if they share the same interests, they couldn’t be more different: Denis is fiery and daring, Stan is icy and diplomatic. The dynamic duo sees their differences as a strength, taking advantage of the surprises of each other along the way. Seeing music from a fresh point of view, they create something new and original.


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